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Sharing Life Application’s through the Word of God on how to live our daily lives, Being Love In Action!

There will always be human threats, human enemies, sickness and disease and life trials. Yet, no matter what the circumstances in life are, there is security in God when we trust His Word to accomplish that what it has been sent to do. Psalm 91 reminds us just how much God loves us!

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Be Encouraged while we share the story of King David’s experience that brought him to write one of the most encouraging Psalms, Psalm34

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There will be times in our lives that the issues concerning us will feel like the waters rushing from a Fire Hydrant where the Cap has been removed. The Pressure is crazy and you’re Emotions, Mind & Life is all over the place. Walk with me through the Word of God as we learn through the examples of Jesus Christ how to gain control over of the uncapped Fire Hydrant issues in our lives.

The Spiritual evidence of being sealed by God is the gift of the Holy Spirit which is God’s Spiritual DNA given to His Children. However, if you have been sealed by God your lifestyle should bear evidence of being made anew! So, Have You been Sealed? How is that evident in your life?

An Impromptu Message of seeing the beauty of God through Nature while sitting in His Presence!

The Blessings In The Renewing Of Your Mind Brings 3 Things: Physical Restoration, Mental Transformation & Spiritual Elevation. Romans 12:1-2

How Can Love Persevere when there is no forgiveness? It Can’t! Paul shares with us in Colossians 3:12-14 the blueprint of how to Persevere regardless of the hardships of life. 1Corinthians 13:7

“How are you preparing to win the heart of Your King? Walk with me while I share with you how to discover the heart of Your King, & how to know when God has sent you Your Queen”

The Hope In Love

How do You have Hope in Something that has yet to Manifest in Your Life? Through the remarkable story of Hannah we will learn how a seemingly hopeless situation turned into Hope in Love 2Corinthians 13:7/1Samuel 1:2-28 2:1-21

The I Experience

We must trust in God and His history to know that He is mindful of us and to not be afraid of the storms of life. We must remember that Jesus Christ the Savior, is and forever will be the rescuer of those who love Him. Matthew 7:45-51

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