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Sharing Life Application’s through the Word of God on how to live our daily lives, Being Love In Action!

Who could ever imagine that there is beauty in walking on water a natural feet that can’t be done! Yet, it can be done only when we see the beauty of how we can!! Matthew 14:22-31 Contact Us Email: Instagram: @beingloveinactionpodcast @theagentoflove Twitter: @beingluvnaction

How do we trust, while pushing through the pains of life? Jesus Christ is the model of “How To” based on his life experiences. John 13:1-17

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Joseph had an authentic and loving heart. He shared his dreams with those he believed loved him, only to learn that they secretly despised him and sought to destroy his life. Genesis 37

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Psalm 34 was written by David, who found himself running for his life and he ran into his enemies camp. There he decided to pretended to be insane so that his life would be spared.

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The Other Plan

How often do we think of another plan? So I ask the question: Do you know who holds your plans & future and do they have your best interest at heart? Jeremiah 29:11-13 Contact Us: Website: Social Media: Instagram: @beingloveinactionpodcast Instagram: @theagentoflove Twitter: @beingluvinaction

How do you find Peace in a Chaotic World? Romans 12:17-21 helps us to discover the Blueprint to Peace: I.) A Heart of Forgiveness. II.) Self Accountability III.)Intentional Living.

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What’s Coming

We miss our Being Love in Action Podcast Family! We want to share a little of What’s Coming! New Episodes starting this Thursday, October 1st! Tune in and be blessed! Social Media Twitter:@beingluvnaction Instagram:@beingloveinactionpodcast Instagram:@theagentoflove Website: Email:

Live on Location~ “The Agent of Love” shares some Love Inspiration

What have you experienced in your life that has caused your relationship with God to become fragmented? Genesis 3:8-13

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