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Sharing Life Application’s through the Word of God on how to live our daily lives, Being Love In Action!

This week we share our Motivational Moments sponsored by the DFW Den Gospel Radio Station. How will you be celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ?

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Who Is On Your Squad? Do you really know the people connected to you? Do you know your purpose within your squad? And are you in Position on your Squad? Exodus 17:10-13

The Attitude of Love Series Part 2, “Keeping It Real, Sometimes, Is Not Keeping It God” Ephesians4:2-3 & 2Timothy 3:2-5 Contact Us:

Be encouraged today through Psalm 23

Paul reminds us in 1Corinthians 13:13 that the greatest of all is LOVE! Where there is Love there is unity!

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“The Promises of God are Yes & Amen! However, when we allow Impatience, Doubt & Emotional Instability to creep in, we find ourselves stepping out of the will of God! Through Sarah & Abraham’s story we can be encouraged to know that in-spite of Us, God’s Promises will Prevail! Genesis 15:4-6, 21:1-2”

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Perhaps the current Season in your life is filled with pain and suffering. Can I encourage you today to know that you are in great company! Job, Hosea & the Disciples were all Servants who dealt with life hardships, but were Victorious through God & Jesus Christ (Job 1:8)

A Children friendly Edition of Train Up A Child with my Guest Host, My Beautiful 7 yr old Grand Daughter Kimora as we share a few highlights of our day! Proverbs 22:6

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There will always be human threats, human enemies, sickness and disease and life trials. Yet, no matter what the circumstances in life are, there is security in God when we trust His Word to accomplish that what it has been sent to do. Psalm 91 reminds us just how much God loves us!

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Be Encouraged while we share the story of King David’s experience that brought him to write one of the most encouraging Psalms, Psalm34

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